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Aug 13, 2013

Most people are not aware of estate planning, and if they are, they do not believe that it can be of any use to them. Estate planning seminars can give you both an understanding of the importance of managing both small and large estates and point you in the direction you need to go to plan a better future for both yourself and your loved ones. Attending an estate planning seminar is the single best way for you to understand how today’s new laws and policies will benefit and impact you. Estate planning is simple to do when you have the right information and instructions.

Estate planning seminars are offered free of charge, so there is nothing to lose and everything to be gained by attending one. Even if you don’t think you have enough assets to justify estate planning, at the very minimum you will learn the importance of having a will and other documents in place to ease the burden on your loved ones. Wills and living trusts are the most common divisions of estate planning and the divisions that provide the most benefit to the greatest number of individuals.

Wills are simple and clear statements of where your property will go and who will own them. It is the most popular estate planning tool. Wills are less expensive than trusts and all that you need are witnesses and a lawyer to make create a legally binding document.

Living Trusts are the other most popular division of estate planning. A trust allows you to name those who will benefit from your properties and how they will benefit. Estate seminars will explain the usefulness of having a living trust and the benefit of avoiding probate by setting-up a living trust.

Probate is a term used when those listed in a will or trust must go through legal proceedings in court to acquire real and personal property of a deceased. While wills are much more affordable initially, trusts will save your family thousands in attorney fees and taxes when it comes time to collect. Though a living trust is much more time consuming and complicated its benefits far outweigh its costs. Estate planning can help you to create deeds and registrations that will not require probate and will help secure your property from being subject to state laws.

When there is no will or living trust in place, the laws of the state will take over the allocation of your property based on interstate succession laws. Those who are closest to you such as your spouse and children will not be able to benefit from your property unless it is stated in a will or living trust.

Estate planning seminars will help you both save and make money by advising you on the creation of those documents that will best protect your assets and loved ones for the future based on your individual circumstances. Our seminars are free and extremely informative for all individuals with an interest in protecting what they have for the future. It doesn’t matter if you have few assets or many, estate planning is beneficial to everyone.