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Cab hits pedestrian and building in New York

| Oct 16, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents

On Oct. 6, a cab hit a building after jumping a curb on the Upper East Side. The crash took place around 11:50 a.m. when a taxi slammed into an eyeglass store at Madison Avenue and East 95th Street. The vehicle also hit a pedestrian before stopping completely.

After the collision, a woman was sitting on the curb and able to walk to an ambulance while another person was loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher. Witnesses said one person was removed from the back of the taxi, and the pedestrian who was hit was reportedly conscious and talking. The cab driver was reported to be shaken but all right, and it appears that no one suffered life-threatening injuries due to the wreck.

The eyeglass store reportedly sustained minor damage, and the store owner said that a vacant commercial space took most of the impact. The fire department and police responded to the accident, and the taxi was removed while the scene was cleaned after the crash.

Accidents happen quickly and can cause serious injuries, and the police often conduct investigations to determine why a wreck took place. When investigating a crash, the authorities may interview witnesses, collect evidence, take photos and use crash reconstruction techniques to find out what happened. If a police report indicates that someone was at fault, that party may be liable for expenses injured parties face after the accident.

Pedestrians usually have little protection when motor vehicle accidents occur. Motorists are supposed to use caution in areas where pedestrians might walk. An injured person could file a personal injury suit in civil court to seek restitution for medical costs and lost wages related to a crash.

Source: WABC, “Cab strikes building, pedestrian on upper east side”, October 06, 2014

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