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On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2015 | School Accidents |

Children at school are expected to be watched and supervised to avoid injury. However, children often become injured while on school property. Such injuries may occur as a result of the following:

• Inadequate supervision by school staff;

• Sports activities;

• Unsafe conditions at school premises;

• Unsafe equipment; and

• Assaults.

Often teachers and staff that are left to supervise students in playgrounds, gyms, and cafeterias, lack the requisite training and experience to avoid accidents from happening. If failure to properly supervise leads to injuries, then liability for the school or district may be established.

A school must also take reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable acts of violence in school. This may include acts of violence by third parties, including individuals from outside the school and others.

Injuries may result in broken bones, head injuries, eye injuries and psychological injuries. We are available to help you, if your child has been injured at school. After an accident occurs, you only have a limited time period within which to file a notice of claim and start legal action. Prompt action is therefore required.

In order to hold a school liable, negligence needs to be shown. This means that the school breached a duty of care to the student and that the breach of that duty caused the student’s injuries. Liability is often based on the action or lack of action of a teacher, coach or other staff member. Our firm has handled such cases successfully, even with difficult liability.

At our firm, such cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation for you. Our attorneys will welcome the opportunity to speak with you concerning your rights and responsibilities. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.