A new breakthrough may allow New York residents who are paralyzed to regain some motion and sensation in their body. In a medical trial at Frazier Rehab Institute in Kentucky, a patient was given an epidural stimulator that sent signals to and from the brain. The stimulator was placed in a device shaped like a box and attached to the spinal cord. Signals received by the brain mimic those that are routinely exchanged in those with healthy spinal cords.

One patient who enrolled in the 2010 study was able to move his leg during the first test with the device. In addition to this positive result, scientists have gathered other evidence to suggest that this could be viable treatment for some 276,000 people in the United States who suffer from spinal cord injuries. Researchers hope that it will be useful regardless of how long an individual has been injured.

Studies into this method of treating spinal cord injuries have only taken place over the past 10 years. Although this new treatment option may allow patients to move and even stand, it may not improve issues with sex drive or controlling other bodily functions. Currently, doctors are limited to treatment options that include medication, pool therapy and the use of a wheelchair to help them get around.

Those who have suffered serious injuries caused by the negligence of another person may incur medical bills and long-term recovery costs. Furthermore, they may be unable to work, which could put them at a financial disadvantage. With the assistance of an attorney, it may be advisable to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party seeking compensation for the damages that have been incurred.