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Technology keeps New York drivers safer when tired

| Sep 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

Forward collision systems and lane departure warnings may protect tired drivers from getting into accidents. A forward warning system will beep or flash lights at a driver to warn him or her about an impending collision. In some cases, the car will actually brake for the driver to avoid the collision. It is believed that such a tool could reduce rear-end accidents by as much as 10 percent.

The use of a lane departure system would enable a car to alert a driver when he or she is about to go off the road. This could reduce single-car accidents by 40 percent as tired drivers tend not to stop or take actions to avoid moving from their lane. Although many motorists are aware of the dangers of fatigued driving, the issue came to the national forefront when Tracy Morgan’s limo was hit by a Walmart truck driver.

Authorities say that the man had been awake for 28 hours at the time of the accident. Those who study the effects of fatigued driving say that driving after being awake for 24 hours is the equivalent of driving with a blood alcohol content of .10 percent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 percent of fatal accidents are caused by tired drivers.

Anyone injured in a car crash may wish to talk to a personal injury attorney about the available alternatives for seeking recourse. It may be possible to win compensation for back, spine or head injuries incurred in a crash. Compensation may be used to pay for medical bills or the cost of long-term care. Furthermore, it may be possible for an award to cover lost wages and lost future earnings due to injuries suffered in a crash.

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