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Guardianship – Contests and Feuds

| Dec 15, 2015 | Guardianship

Guardianship proceedings are, in theory, less litigious than other court proceedings: in general, all of the parties in a Guardianship hearing are looking out for the best interest of the person who may need a Guardian. However, all of the parties involved don’t always have the same idea of what course of action would be in that person’s best interest.

For instance, you may believe your loved one needs you to be named the Guardian of their affairs in order to prevent them from suffering harm or additional harm, while your sibling may believe they would be the better person to be named Guardian. Or, you may believe a Guardian is necessary, but another family member or friend doesn’t believe a Guardian is needed, or vice versa. It’s when family members and loved ones can’t or don’t agree on a matter that the Guardianship hearing, which you expected would be a more harmonious experience at first, turns ugly.

While family feuds over ailing loved ones are not uncommon, they often have devastating effects on family relationships. It is important, then, that your family establish a good, honest line of communication, when possible. Additionally, hiring a skilled Elder Law Attorney, with a specialty in Guardianship proceedings, can help to lessen the strain put on families when Guardianship is needed.

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