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Law firm holding negligent drivers accountable

| Jan 4, 2019 | Premises Liability

Far too many drivers continue to take to the streets while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These motorists’ suffer from diminished driving capacity, including slowed reaction time, poor judgment, and an inability to multitask. They usually have trouble maintaining their lane and a consistent speed. One or any combination of these impairments can lead to a serious car accident. Sadly, many innocent individuals suffer serious injuries as a result of these avoidable crashes.

Fortunately, victims of these wrecks may be able to recover compensation for their damages. However, in order to succeed on their claim they must prove certain legal elements. To meet the legal burden placed upon car accident victims, a lot of know-how and legal legwork is required. Merely gathering evidence can be challenging, especially when parties are hesitant to provide it. Utilizing that evidence to craft compelling legal arguments that are persuasive is another matter.

This is where the help of a skilled legal team, like the one at our firm, may prove beneficial. An attorney can utilize legal documents to compel the answers to critical questions and the providing of pertinent documentation. Our attorneys are also adept at utilizing the facts and evidence at hand to develop a legal strategy that has a solid foundation on the law. By utilizing relevant case and statutory law and applying it to the fact at hand, we often increase our clients’ chances of succeeding at the negotiation table and in the courtroom.

There are many aspects of a personal injury case. Neglecting to appropriately address even one of them can result in unwanted consequences, whether that be a lost case or the recovery of minimal compensation. By working with competent attorneys, though, a car accident victim may be able to impose liability, recover compensation, and start a new chapter in his or her life.

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