Recently on the blog we discussed the serious risk bedsores pose to nursing home residents. The sad truth of the matter is that preventable bedsores are all too common in New York nursing homes. Negligent nursing home staff often neglect to turn patients who are incapable of turning themselves, and once these wounds develop they are sometimes left to fester until extensive medical care is needed. As terrifying as this may sound, what is even scarier is the fact that bedsores are only one of the many ways that residents can be harmed by nursing home neglect.

There are many errors that can occur in a nursing home and leave a resident susceptible to harm. Malnutrition and dehydration can prove deadly, inadequate supervision can leave a vulnerable patient at risk of being attacked by other residents, medication errors may result in progressed medical conditions or an increase in symptoms and nursing home staff can engage in abusive behavior. None of these acts or omissions are acceptable, which is why those who have been harmed by nursing home abuse or neglect should think about what they can do to take corrective action.

Filing a lawsuit against a nursing home and the employees who caused the harm may be the best step to take. Successfully doing so may lead to the recovery of compensation, but it can also provide a victim with a sense of justice and deter other nursing homes and nursing home staff from acting in a similar fashion.

At the Cohen & Cohen Law Group, we take these legal claims seriously. We understand the vulnerability of these victims and the sense of betrayal they feel after being harmed by those who were entrusted with their care. Armed with extensive experience, we stand prepared to help victims of nursing home neglect attain the outcomes they deserve. We aggressively fight at the negotiation table and in the courtroom to do so. Our track record of success demonstrates our competence to pursue these claims and the trust New Yorkers have placed in us to fight for their best interests.