There are numerous otherwise safe activities that can become extremely dangerous when conducted behind the wheel. Take a look around when you are driving. Chances are you will see someone engaging their phone, eating, grooming themselves, turning around to talk to others in the back seat or even dozing off. Any of these acts can cause a serious car accident. Far too often the victims of these motor vehicle accidents suffer serious injuries.

Sadly, despite laws against many forms of dangerous driving, the problem seems to be growing. A recent study found that 20 percent of individuals admit to having fallen asleep while behind the wheel, while nearly a third admit to checking their phones while driving. Another 24 percent of motorists admit to driving drunk. These numbers are staggering, especially considering that the real numbers of people who engage in these dangerous behaviors is likely higher because people oftentimes aren’t honest when asked to admit to committing these acts.

As scary as these statistics may sound, they are not the only forms of dangerous driving plaguing the road. In fact, another 71 percent of motorists admit to driving while drowsy, and nearly 90 percent admit to speeding. Other startling statistics include those pertaining to the number of individuals who run stop signs and red lights, drive on worn tires and drive under the influence of drugs.

The tragic reality is that it is inevitable that New Yorkers will continue to be injured by the negligent and reckless acts of others. Those who suffer harm at the hands of a negligent driver may be able to recover compensation for their damages, though, which is why competent legal advocates stand ready to assist them in their pursuit of justice.