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| Sep 26, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Even minor car accidents can cause an enormous amount of stress in an individual’s life. He or she will have to deal with car repairs and insurance claims, and the disruption to his or her day-to-day routine can be overwhelming. Yet, these individuals are fortunate. Other people who are involved in car accidents suffer serious injuries that require extensive treatment. They may suffer from a long-term or permanent disability, experience extensive pain and suffering, and their finances can be rocked on account of unexpected medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work.

Truck accident victims often face this harsh reality. Given that semi-trucks are so large compared to passenger vehicles, those involved in these types of wrecks often face the most significant injuries. These accidents can be caused in any number of way, too, from untreated medical conditions to intoxication and distraction. This means that these motorists are often unable to avoid truck accidents, even when they drive defensively.

Fortunately, truck accident victims may be able to recover compensation for the damages they suffer, but the fight isn’t always easy, which is why it is often beneficial to have a strong legal advocate on one’s side, such as those at Cohen & Cohen. Our attorneys know how to competently assess the facts at hand so that we can develop a sound negotiation strategy in an attempt to resolve matters favorably for our clients. We also know how to aggressively litigate these types of claims, including addressing vicarious liability claims so that our clients can hopefully recover the compensation they need to recoup the full extent of their damages.

Dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial ramifications of a truck accident is challenging enough without having to handle a legal claim. By acquiring the assistance of a strong legal advocate, though, those who have been injured in a truck accident can rest assured that their claim is in good hands and that they have maximized their chances of imposing liability and recovering compensation.

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