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Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident

| Apr 30, 2020 | Car Accidents, Injuries, Personal Injury

Understanding the Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident: Explained by our Queens Car Accident Lawyers 

Spinal cord injuries, or SCI, are very debilitating types of personal injuries.  Research from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center reveal that there are about 17,700 new SCI cases each year, and there are approximately 288,000 Americans with spinal cord injuries.  According to the same statistics, motor vehicle accidents are the most likely cause of all spinal cord injuries.  These are catastrophic personal injuries which could result in debilitating and permanent disability.  Not only are the physical and emotional damages high, but the financial costs of spinal cord injuries from a motor vehicle accident can be staggering.

Here at Cohen & Cohen Law Group, P.C., our experienced Queens car accident lawyers have dedicated their career to representing victims who have been catastrophically injured in personal injury accidents.  This includes helping victims and their families recover compensation against defendants and their insurance companies who are refusing to fairly pay your claim.  Our compassionate team will work with your healthcare providers to support your claim for compensation due to your injuries, while our lawyers may work with experts to establish liability against a defendant.  If you or a loved one were catastrophically injured, ask our personal injury lawyers how we can begin representing you today after a FREE evaluation.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

To understand the full costs of SCIs, it is important to understand the different types.  Broadly, there are incomplete and complete types of spinal cord injuries.  Incomplete spinal cord injuries are where the spinal cord is damaged but only partially.  This means that the spinal cord may still be able to sent messages from the brain to the rest of the body, but there may be limitations with sensation, movement, and other functions.  Whereas a complete spinal cord injury is a total severance of the spinal cord and no messages are sent between the brain and the rest of the body below the injury.

There are also two main kinds of SCI to be aware of.  Paraplegia is paralysis caused to the lower extremities and sometimes the lower torso.  Quadriplegia is paralysis affecting all four limbs and usually most of the torso.  If it is a high quadriplegia injury, the entire body may be impaired.  If it is a low quadriplegia injury, most of the body may be impaired.  

Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries 

The costs of spinal cord injuries from a motor vehicle accident depend on whether it is an incomplete or complete injury and the type of paralysis.  These are the following estimated costs:

First year expenses/Each subsequent year:

  • Paraplegia – $537,271/$71,172
  • Low Quadriplegia – $796,583/$117,437
  • High Quadriplegia – $1,102,403/$191,436

Average lifetime costs at 25 years old/50 years old:

  • Paraplegia – $2,391,872/$1,569,714
  • Low Quadriplegia – $3,573,960/$2,198,305
  • High Quadriplegia – $4,891,398/$2,688,229

Ask Our Queens Car Accident Lawyers For Help with Compensation in a SCI Case

As you can appreciate, the costs of a spinal cord injury are extremely high.  These numbers may even be higher after a motor vehicle accident if there are secondary injuries, such as broken bones, organ damage, nerve injuries, significant scarring, or other injuries.  If you or a loved one were catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident, schedule a FREE case evaluation at Cohen & Cohen Law Group, P.C. by dialing 800-247-8164, or use our convenient and easy-to-use contact us box available here.

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