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You Deserve
A Personal Injury Lawyer
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You Deserve
A Personal Injury Lawyer
You Can Trust

Car Accident FAQs

As with any frequently asked questions page, you need to remember that any FAQ (including this one) can only provide the broadest of outlines when dealing with legal issues. Every legal issue is unique because every person is unique. That means circumstances must be analyzed by an attorney who understands how to apply the law to a given situation. That is when real answers can be provided.

A frequently asked questions page, however, is worthwhile as a starting point. Rather than providing answers, FAQ pages often help people formulate better questions they can ask of an attorney once they are actually speaking with an attorney during a consultation.

To that end, we provide below a few questions you can start considering when formulating your own questions for legal counsel.

Q: The insurance company wants to talk to you. Should you?

A: You should speak with an attorney first. Insurance company representatives are there to protect the insurance company’s bottom line by paying out as little as possible if anything. They are not there to help you, even if they sound friendly.

Q: What is the value of your case? The insurance company says it wants to pay you less than you thought they would.

A: This is also where an attorney can help. An experienced attorney can help you see how your case should be valued as opposed to the insurance company who uses their initial number as a place to begin bargaining. An attorney can handle that back-and-forth on your behalf.

Q: When should I see a doctor?

A: If you have not already seen a doctor, you need to do so. Car accident injuries can often be hidden from plain site. Your attorney should be able to assist you in locating a reliable medical professional.

Q: How long will a car accident case take?

A: The real answer depends on a variety of factors that can be taken into account by your attorney. That answer will depend on the complexity of the injuries, the complexity of any insurance provisions and if the insurance company counsel is reasonable, just to name a few factors.

Q: What about going to court? Is that always necessary?

A: No, it is not always necessary. Many times, negotiating for settlement will prove sufficient. There are times, however, when trial will best protect your rights. You should be able to rely on your attorney to develop a relationship with you so they can help you understand the legal options that best meet your needs and goals.

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