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Queens Car Accident Lawyers

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Car accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries and deaths in Queens and throughout the New York City metropolitan area. If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an auto accident, talk to an attorney at COHEN & COHEN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS, P.C.

From our offices in Forest Hills, our firm represents plaintiffs in personal injury litigation matters near Queens and throughout the New York City metropolitan area. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with our Queens car accident attorneys today. You pay no attorneys’ fees if you do not recover money damages in a settlement or jury award.

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Queens, New York Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries and deaths in and around New York City. If you have been in a car accident, please seek medical attention immediately, and then contact us to discuss your options. We will schedule a free case evaluation for you with one of our Queens car accident attorneys to discuss your options. When you work with the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, you don’t pay attorney fees until we recover money damages for you.

Common New York City Car Accident Questions
  • What do I do if I’m in a car accident in New York?
  • Do I need a car accident lawyer?
  • How do I choose the right attorney for me?
  • Who pays my medical bills for injuries caused in a car accident?
  • How do I know what my case is worth?
  • Am I eligible for lost wages after a car accident in New York?
What do I do if I’m in an accident in New York?

If you’re in a car accident in New York, there are a few things you can do to ensure you receive proper representation and reimbursement for your accident. If you’ve already been in an accident and were unable to follow these guidelines, that is okay, give us a call and we will help make sure you get what you are owed.

  • Stay at the scene. Call the police. Leaving the scene of an accident can be considered a crime, and can also hurt your case. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries and provide first aid if needed. Once the police arrive, explain what happened. Do not take blame or accept fault for the accident. Do not say that you are not injured. If the officer asks if you are injured and you are unsure, let them know that you’d like to see a doctor. 
  • Seek medical attention. If you have serious injuries, go directly to the closest emergency room for treatment. Even if your injuries are not severe or noticeable at all, head to urgent care or see a doctor as soon as possible. Some severe injuries don’t show up for days or even weeks after an accident occurs. Follow all instructions for treatment and keep record of all treatment and all follow-up appointments.
  • Exchange information. Exchanging information with the other driver in an accident is required. Make sure to get their name, contact information, and insurance information. It may also be beneficial to make note of their vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number.
  • Photograph or video the scene of the accident. Use your smartphone to take photos and even video of the scene. There may be details that you forget or don’t notice at all, and a visual reminder can be incredibly helpful. Take pictures of any injuries you and any passengers have sustained and any damage to your vehicle. It may be beneficial to take photos of damage to the other car as well. Photograph or video the scene of the accident as a whole, including traffic lights, speed limit signs, or other details that may be relevant. Writing or recording your own statement of what you remember about the accident while your memory is fresh is also a good idea.
  • Gather witness statements. Ask your passengers or any other witnesses on the scene of the accident to remain on scene and provide police with their statements from the accident. Get their contact information so it is easy for your personal injury attorney to get ahold of them in the future if necessary.
  • Contact an attorney. After you seek medical attention, your next step should be to contact an experienced car injury lawyer. Provide any evidence you collected at the scene, including photos and video footage, witness statements, contact information, medical records, and the police report. This information can be incredibly helpful in giving your attorney an idea of what you may be able to recover should you choose to pursue a case. Retaining an attorney early on will make things easier on you. Your attorney can work with insurance companies to ensure proper coverage and handle legal proceedings so that you can focus on healing. 

Following these steps can greatly assist in achieving a positive outcome in your New York City personal injury case.

Do I need a car accident lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident, yes, you should contact a car accident lawyer. Injury claims can be incredibly complex, and an injury attorney will ensure that you get fair compensation for your losses. Because most injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, you do not have to pay fees unless you win. 

Discuss fees up front, as contingency fees can vary. Typically, they’ll be a percentage of your overall settlement. Be sure to look at more than the contingency percentage, as some inexperienced attorneys will charge lower fees to build up their case experience. Here at Cohen and Cohen, you can rest assured that you’re getting both experience and quality representation for your personal injury case. We’ve got decades of experience here in New York City, and our clients are our number one priority. We are happy to give you an honest assessment of your claim and potential outcomes with you before proceeding with your case.

How do I choose the right attorney for me?

Several factors go into choosing the right representation for your specific case. We recommend that you start local. Attorneys local to New York City know the area and the local players, and will have a distinct edge on someone coming in from out of the area.

While well meaning friends and family will offer recommendations, be sure to check reviews and specialties for any attorneys you are considering working with. Personal injury cases can be intricate, and you want someone who specializes in personal injury law. 

You also want an attorney you can trust, and that you feel comfortable working with. You will be working together for weeks, months, or even years depending on your case. Having someone in your corner that you can count on to represent you effectively while caring for your specific needs is critical.

Who pays my medical bills for injuries caused in a car accident?

Accident victims often find themselves left with staggering medical bills, and sometimes, a reduced capacity to be able to pay them due to lost wages. Who is responsible for paying them? The answer to this question can vary based on a variety of factors including who is at fault in your accident, their insurance coverage, your insurance coverage, and even the quality of your representation throughout your case.



Under the direction of attorney and firm founder, Albert Cohen, we have recovered millions of dollars in financial compensation for people injured in car accidents throughout New York City and the surrounding areas. Additionally, because we also have a successful practice in the area of estate planning, we can also help you with strategies to help you pay less in liens on your settlement or judgment, while maintaining control of your monetary recovery.


Our attorneys provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation and we handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay lawyers’ fees if we do not help you recover monetary compensation for your claim. Call 718-275-7722 to arrange an initial consultation. You may also send a message to our team to request a return phone call about your case.