You Deserve
A Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

You Deserve
A Personal Injury Lawyer
You Can Trust
Attorneys Albert Cohen and Charles Haviv

You Deserve
A Personal Injury Lawyer
You Can Trust

Best Staten Island Personal Injury Lawyers Near You

Have you been injured in an accident in or near near Staten Island? The award-winning legal team at Cohen & Cohen is here to help. With extensive experience in New York personal injury cases, our team knows the unique ins & outs of life in and around the five boroughs.

personal injury lawyer near you in Staten Island

We handle a variety of personal injury cases here at Cohen & Cohen, and our personal injury attorneys in Staten Island and nearby specialize in a broad variety of accident cases. New York is known for its bustling city streets, and unfortunately auto accidents happen daily. Our Staten Island car accident lawyers are available to help victims of all types of auto accidents including truck accidents, Staten Island motorcycle accidents, and any vehicle accident recover maximum compensation for their injuries and suffering. No two case is a like, so we focus on getting results based on the unique facts of the case, never losing focus on the person at the center of the case.

We also understand all too well that other types of accidents happen that don’t involve automobiles. That is why we also specialize in other types of personal injury cases in Staten Island and nearby like slip & fall accidents, nursing home abuse, traumatic injury accident, bike accidents, and much more. Accidents also happen at work, and we are dedicated to helping victims of Staten Island pedestrian accidents, and construction accidents, such as scaffolding accidents, get the compensation they deserve for injuries that occurred on the job.

Our expert Staten Island injury law firm is here to handle the legal side of things so you can focus on getting back to your everyday life. We always offer free, no-obligation evaluations for all potential cases, and take personal injury cases on contingency. This allows us to focus on determining the best plan of action for your unique situation without the added financial stress of mounting legal fees.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Staten Island Ready To Fight For You

Our firm’s successful track record, combined with our extensive knowledge of Staten Island and the surrounding area, assures that we’re knowledgeable and readily available for our clients. We have a reputation for excellence throughout the five boroughs, with both clients and legal professionals. This allows us to negotiate quickly and efficiently, as our clients and peers alike know that we operate with integrity and have high expectations on behalf of our clients.

Our Staten Island office offers a convenient location for us to serve our clients throughout the five boroughs. Whether you or a loved one have been injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident, or at a nursing home, you can rest assured knowing we are close by, working diligently on your case.

Injured in an Accident in Staten Island? We’ve Got You Covered

Dealing with an injury after an accident is tough enough without having to deal with the legal issues that often need to be handled in order to rebuild your life and get it back to where it once was. Cohen & Cohen has the expertise, experience, and drive to fight for you and your best interests when you may not be in the position to do so yourself.

staten island personal injury lawyer near you

We strive to maximize compensation for our injured clients by fighting for them at every stage of the legal process. In order to exceed our clients’ expectations, we believe in developing a position of strength and preparing for anything that may come. At the earliest stage of the case, we thoroughly analyze every detail and prepare for trial, even if we end up settling out of court. Our strong negotiating position allows us to work with the defending party to settle out of court if and when it gives our client the best possible compensation. When negligent actors, insurance companies, or big businesses refuse to do the right thing we are ready to take the case before a jury and fight in trial for those results.

Looking for a personal injury attorney near you in Staten Island? See below the types of attorneys that make up our practice:

While we are most well-known for personal injury law, we also take on a variety of other case types for our clients ad well. From real estate to elder and estate law and even police brutality and misconduct, we are here to ensure our clients get proper representation.

Our Staten Island Location and Hours

We are conveniently located at:

1855 Victory Blvd
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Phone: 718-568-5708
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5:30PM, Closed: Saturday and Sunday


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By: Ramo Jevric
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