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Law firm holding negligent drivers accountable

Far too many drivers continue to take to the streets while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These motorists' suffer from diminished driving capacity, including slowed reaction time, poor judgment, and an inability to multitask. They usually have trouble maintaining their lane and a consistent speed. One or any combination of these impairments can lead to a serious car accident. Sadly, many innocent individuals suffer serious injuries as a result of these avoidable crashes.

Fortunately, victims of these wrecks may be able to recover compensation for their damages. However, in order to succeed on their claim they must prove certain legal elements. To meet the legal burden placed upon car accident victims, a lot of know-how and legal legwork is required. Merely gathering evidence can be challenging, especially when parties are hesitant to provide it. Utilizing that evidence to craft compelling legal arguments that are persuasive is another matter.

The basics of a premises liability lawsuit

Merely stepping onto the property of another should not be a frightening event. This is especially true when an individual has been invited onto the property in question, such as when he or she is a customer in a store or he or she is invited to someone's house for a social gathering. Yet, far too often, property owners fail to adequately maintain the safety of their premises. This failure can result in serious injuries and deaths to unsuspecting individuals.

Fortunately, those who are harmed by dangerous property conditions may be able to recover compensation for damages suffered. In order to do so though, they must prove certain legal elements. The first step in these lawsuits is to prove the injured individual's status at the time the injury was suffered. If an individual truly was invited onto the property, then a higher standard of care is imposed upon the property owner. In these situations, the property owner would be expected to act with a reasonable standard of care.

Negligence can increase truck stopping distance

Semi-trucks play an important role in our society. They move goods from place-to-place, allowing consumers to have access to the goods and services they desire. Yet, despite these benefits posed by the trucking industry, these massive vehicles, their drivers and truck companies also pose significant risks to innocent motorists. This is because the sheer size of these vehicles can leave a wake of devastation and death when driven negligently.

One reason for truck accidents is the fact that they need a significantly greater distance in order to come to a safe stop. An average passenger vehicle may be 12 to 18 feet in length and weigh up to 4,000 pounds, but a big rig can be as long as 53 feet and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. So, when these vehicles need to come to a safe stop, a passenger vehicle is going to be able to so with much more ease. In fact, when traveling at 65 miles per hour, a semi-truck will require more than 200 additional feet to come to a safe stop.

How does marijuana affect driving ability?

Due to numerous public safety, law-enforcement and government initiatives, most New Yorkers are aware of the dangers of drunk driving. Depending on how much a person has consumed before climbing behind the wheel, alcohol can have varying effects on one's driving ability from slowed reaction time to loss of visual acuity. These drunk drivers put other motorist at serious risk of being involved in an injurious or even fatal accident.Yet, as the drug epidemic continues to sweep across America, many people find themselves asking how drug use affects driving abilities. While the effects of some drugs are readily observable, other drugs are a little harder to gauge. Marijuana, for example, may have a significant effect on one's driving abilities, but it may be hard to detect just by observing an individual's general demeanor.Marijuana can have many effects on one's driving ability. It can slow reaction time, reduce motor skills coordination and impair an individual's judgment. Some studies have found that marijuana use can increase the risk of an accident by two or three times. Of course, this risk is even higher when marijuana use is combined with alcohol consumption.

Far too many innocent individuals are injured or even killed in accidents caused by impaired drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs like marijuana. Perhaps, the most tragic part of these accidents is that they are wholly preventable.So, what does this mean for those who have been injured in an accident caused by an individual who is under the influence of marijuana? It means that they need to be observant of the individual with whom they were involved in an accident, and they need to clearly investigate the cause of their accident. Witness testimony about the driver's demeanor and even drug tests, if they can be obtained, can be powerful evidence during a personal injury lawsuit.

How can drowsy driving lead to a truck accident?

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are an essential part of commerce in New York and across the nation. However, it takes care, training and a special license to operate a commercial vehicle. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, if a truck accident occurs, it could result in serious injuries and fatalities. Thus, it is important for semi-truck drivers to operate their vehicles with due care.

Operating a semi-truck with due care means not driving while fatigued. There are federal regulations addressing how long a semi-truck driver can be on the road before they must take a rest break. Unfortunately, these regulations are not always followed and, sometimes, truck drivers engage in drowsy driving, which could lead to crash.

20 killed in motor vehicle accident involving a limo

A birthday is always a reason for a celebration, and many in New York choose to hire a limousine to transport them to their party destinations. They may do so assuming their trip will go without a hitch, and in general should not have to worry about their safety while in the vehicle. Unfortunately, as one recent incident shows, even limos can be involved in a deadly crash.

In a recent, tragic accident, a modified limousine carrying 17 people on their way to a brewery for a birthday celebration ran a stop sign and collided with a parked vehicle. Twenty people were killed in the incident, including all 17 occupants of the limo, the driver of the modified vehicle and two pedestrians. At least one victim sent a text message before the crash questioning the safety of the limo.

Audit points to equipment issues at New York nursing homes

There are many different types of medical equipment used at nursing homes. The condition of such devices can have major implications for resident health and safety. So, one would hope New York nursing homes would be vigilant about keeping such equipment properly maintained. Unfortunately, a recent audit suggests this doesn’t always happen.

The audit was by the Office of the State Comptroller. It looked at 36 different nursing homes in the state.

Subway stairwell slip-and-fall accidents are common

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) employs around 65,000 people to maintain a total of 842 miles of subway track. Yet, MTA's new president, Andy Byford, has admitted that subway conditions are a disaster.

Subway stairwells can be hazardous if they are dirty, uneven, slippery or distracting. If you've slipped and fallen down a subway stairwell -- you're not alone. Here are a few examples of high-profile stairwell slip-and-fall accidents that have happened in New York City subway stations.

Social media can sabotage a personal injury claim

Many people use social media as an outlet to vent their feelings and express opinions. In fact, 77 percent of people in the U.S. have at least one social media profile. Around the world, user engagement is growing. While the Internet is a sure-fire way to connect with others, insurance companies love to poke around when a claim is involved. And they’re not the ones you want to be interacting with.

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