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More Than A Decade Of Queens Real Estate Experience Working For You

Whether you own a commercial property or rent space for your business in the New York City metropolitan area, getting a healthy return on your investment hinges on the quality of your commercial lease agreement. Before you sign, turn to a lawyer from Cohen & Cohen Law Group, P.C., in Forest Hills.

Attorney Albert Cohen leads a team of real estate attorneys who, combined, have more than a decade of experience helping clients avoid potential lease disputes, resolving litigation matters, and saving money in commercial property acquisitions, sales and lease agreements.

From our offices in Forest Hills, our firm represents buyers, sellers, developers, property managers and real estate professionals in communities throughout the New York City metropolitan area. We often work with out-of-state clients who have real estate interests in the New York City metropolitan area.

Our firm provides the following commercial real estate services:

  • Drafting, reviewing and revising commercial lease agreements to ensure compliance with state regulations
  • Representing commercial property owners in eviction disputes and litigation matters
  • Reviewing restrictive covenants and zoning regulations prior to signing a commercial lease
  • Protecting investors’ interests in commercial property acquisitions through due diligence in matters such as land use and zoning, restrictive covenants, certificates of occupancy and estoppel certificates

Make Sure Your Lease Is Legally Solid. Call A Commercial Lease Attorney Today.

We provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation. You will find our retainer and fees reasonable, based on responsible and clear billing policies. From wherever you are in New York or across the nation, call 800-247-8164 or use our email contact form to send a brief description of your legal needs. Our office will contact you to arrange a consultation with one of our Queens commercial lease attorneys as soon as possible.