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Audit points to equipment issues at New York nursing homes

| Oct 11, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect

There are many different types of medical equipment used at nursing homes. The condition of such devices can have major implications for resident health and safety. So, one would hope New York nursing homes would be vigilant about keeping such equipment properly maintained. Unfortunately, a recent audit suggests this doesn’t always happen.

The audit was by the Office of the State Comptroller. It looked at 36 different nursing homes in the state.

The audit looked at medical equipment practices at the nursing homes. It found instances of devices not being properly maintained. One example is that, at one nursing home, auditors discovered a wheelchair that had mildew, rust and mold on it.

Also, at most of the nursing homes, auditors found instances of equipment not having maintenance and service records. At some of the homes, auditors discovered a lack of testing records for backup generators.

The audit also looked at the state health department’s practices regarding looking at equipment during nursing home inspections. The audit concluded that the department needs to do more when it comes to checking for equipment issues in such inspections. As a note, the health department contested the audit’s findings.

What do you think of the audit’s findings?

Equipment-related negligence is among the nursing home missteps that can subject residents to harm. When families of nursing home residents suspect that improperly maintained equipment at a nursing home contributed to injuries their loved one suffered, they should consider reaching out to skilled attorneys for advice on their options for holding negligent parties accountable.

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