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Queens Car Accident Lawyers Explain Head Injuries After a Car Accident in NYC

Head injuries are some of the most debilitating types of personal injuries, especially brain injuries.  According to the CDC, there are approximately 2.87 million brain injury-related emergency department visits each year.  Brain injuries also accounted for almost 57,000 deaths, including more than 2,500 in children.  The CDC also reports that motor vehicle crashes accounted for 20% of all brain injuries.  Head injuries also account for types of injuries including fractures, nerve injuries, and disfigurement.  Victims who suffer head injuries after a car accident in NYC may have high medical bills, lost wages, and may be unable to return to the same line of work.

Here at COHEN & COHEN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS, P.C. , our Queens car accident lawyers focus on helping those who have been catastrophically injured due to the negligence of another person, business, or government actor or agency.  We have handled many head injury cases, including brain injuries.  This types of cases require a meticulous and knowledgeable legal team like Cohen & Cohen to investigate liability, build up a damages claim, and protect a client’s rights in court.  If you or a loved one have suffered any head injuries after a car accident in NYC, ask our Queens car accident lawyers to help you.

Types of Head Injuries After a Car Accident in NYC

All head injuries after a car accident could be devastating.  This includes even lacerations or bruises which could permanent distort facial structure, damage nerves, or cause facial scarring.  The two ways to characterize head injuries are 1) brain injuries and 2) non-brain injuries.

The most common brain injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, after a car accident that our Queens car accident lawyers may be able to help you include the following:

  • Diffuse axonal injuries – this is when the brain tissue is actually shredded, torn, ripped, or otherwise damaged.
  • Concussion – this is a shock or blow to the brain which causes some decreased function or interference due to the impact and resulting chemical response in the brain due to the impact.  This could also include damage from the swelling of the brain due to the impact.
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries – the brain is suspended in fluid in the skull.  When a person takes an impact, the brain will slide back and forth in the skull which can cause bruising and damage on oppose sides of the brain.
  • Penetrating injuries – when the skull is fractured and debris or objects (like steel from a twisted car wreck) pierce the skull and brain, it can result in physical brain damage.
  • Brain bleeds – when damage to the brain is severe enough to injury tissue but not to fracture the skull, a brain bleed could occur.  This is very dangerous because brain bleeds increase intracranial pressure to an unsafe level which can result in permanent brain damage or wrongful death.

The most common non-brain injuries after a after accident that our Queens car accident lawyers may be able to help you with include the following:

  • Orbital blowout fractures – this type of skull fracture occurs when the orbit, the bone around the eyeball, is fractured in an impact.  Usually the bottom of the orbit collapses which cause damage to the eye and must be surgically repaired with a steel plate.
  • Facial nerve injuries or cranial nerve injuries
  • Dental or teeth injuries
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of smell
  • Burns or facial disfigurement
  • Facial fractures, and
  • Other serious head injuries.

Ask Our Queens Car Accident Lawyers for Help if You Suffer a Head Injury After a Car Accident in NYC

All head injuries could be catastrophic, painful, and result in significant damages.  This is particularly true of brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries which could have life-long impacts.  These are not normal types of personal injury cases, but require an experienced Queens car accident lawyer like those at COHEN & COHEN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS, P.C.   This is because head injury cases have more complicated medicine and damages due to medical bills, lost wages, and future lost earnings.  Insurance companies and defense lawyers know this and usually vehemently oppose any type of head injury case in hopes of underpaying or denying a claim.  Even when their insured is at fault, defense lawyers and insurance companies will use borderline unethical tricks and traps to underpay a claim.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Get our experienced Queens car accident lawyers on your side to protect your rights to compensation.  Learn what rights you have under New York law during a FREE consultation with our legal team. Call us today by dialing 800-247-8164 for a free case evaluation or use our convenient and easy-to-use contact us box available here to get started.