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You Deserve
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Purchasing a Condominium or Co-Op

Purchasing a condominium, town house unit or co-op apartment in New York City or the surrounding areas means you will be facing a book full of regulations regarding occupancy rules, maintenance expectations and homeowners association (HOA) covenants and association fees. For many condo or co-op owners, the most important concern will be getting along with the neighbors living in the attached unit next door or just a few doors down the hall.

Before you agree to purchase an attached housing unit, sit down for a free consultation with a lawyer at COHEN & COHEN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS, P.C., in Forest Hills. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of transactions and litigation involving condominiums, co-op apartments and HOA bylaws. Let us show you how we can save you significant money now, while reducing the prospects of a dispute or litigation down the road.

Our Condo/Co-op Attorneys will:

  • Investigate the certificate of occupancy, to make sure you can live within the rules established for the complex
  • Order a co-op questionnaire to be completed by the HOA board, to determine whether there are any legal concerns on the horizon
  • Research the HOA to determine whether it can meet its financial obligations or whether there is a special assessment scheduled in the near future
  • Investigate into possible eviction disputes, litigation or legal complaints against other neighbors in the building or development
  • Assist you with all matters related to contracts, due diligence and mortgage documents

Are you considering purchasing a condominium or co-op in Queens or elsewhere in the New York City area or surrounding counties? Our firm represents residential homebuyers in communities throughout the metropolitan area. We often work with statewide and out-of-state clients who are interested in purchasing a condo or co-op apartment unit in the New York City metropolitan area.

How Do We Save You Money?

Many people are surprised and disappointed to learn that their real estate agent is more interested in protecting the completion of the purchase, than they are in protecting the financial interests of their client. That is because realtors for both parties split the commission after the purchase has closed. Your agent may not be very interested in discovering legal issues or disputes involving the HOA or other residents. Our firm will not only look for ways to save you money now — like avoiding the typical mortgage transfer tax or charges for lien investigation, but we will also make sure you understand every component of the transaction so you can make a fully informed decision about whether buying the property is truly in your best long-term interests.

Buying Condos Or Co-ops In New York Is Complicated. We Can Help.

We provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation. You will find our retainer and fees reasonable, based on responsible and clear billing policies. From wherever you are in New York or across the nation, call 800-247-8164 or use our email contact form to send a brief description of your legal needs. Our office will contact you to arrange a consultation with a Queens real estate attorney as soon as possible.